ALX Spike tires set (2)

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The new ALX spike tires are finally here!
these are probably the strongest tires ever created using the classic ring system like the original tires on almost all 1/5 cars.
with a monstrous grip, they withstand the extreme abuse from big bore engines without balloon and are also incredibly light.
the tires are complete with zero balloon effect foam.
they measure 190mm in diameter and 77mm wide and they fit both standard 70mm losi rims and 80mm baja rear rims as well.
I recommend using 70 losi rims also for baja / hybrid rears for a perfect system as you will still have a 77mm tire surface in the ground but you will have wider rubber edges that will repair the rim and ring from scratches and hit and this is very good if you use alloy wheels and rings setup.
The set is 2 tires complete with foam.