NEW 80mm 3 pads Clutch

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This is the new monster 80mm clutch with 3 pads!
After hard work, testing and studying is born this beast of clutch!!
3 pads for 360 degree monster grab for pull extreme big gear! 
Alot more high rpm engage possibilities and very high response because each pads is alot more light compared the old 80mm and 70mm clutch pads. 
Very easy set the spring now compared to old type because you can see alot more space around the spring nut. 
Also is obvios that is alot more stronger because the hot and the fatigue is splitted in 3 pads instead 2.
The advantages is planty! 
You can swap direclty with the actual 80mm clutch,
is fully compatible, just take out the 2 pads clutch and put the new one!